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Vim Vigor & Vitality

At V3Pills  our aim is to provide customer best herbal medicine & supplements that are proven to give satisfactory results without any adverse effect. We are a leading sex medicine manufacturer that specializes in Penis Enlargement, Premature Ejaculation & other health issues. Our medicines are manufactured to enhance overall wellness, boost energy testosterones levels, and improve sexual performance. We are committed to use best natural and safe herbs in our medicine to ensure maximum effectiveness & result..

Penis Enlargement

Some people need to enlarge their penis size if size of a penis is small or size has been shorten due to any problem after a successful growth. There are some hormonal or genetic factors which can cause small penis. There are many factors that cause shrinkage of a penis after full growth, factors includes over masturbation's, lack of food and supplement's to produce sexual hormone testosterone and having too much rough sex with partner. Though there is no issue with small penis but aa bigger one plays important role in satisfied marriage life & more sexual pleasure & confidence for both the partners. 

We offer Penis Enlargement Oil V3Oil & Penis Enlargement Capsule V3Cap to increase penis size naturally, permanently without any side effects. 

  • Helps to increase testosterone levels naturally

  • More sexual power, energy and stamina

  • Overall health & reduced stress

  • Increases blood flow in penis

  • Get bigger, harder penis size

  • More confidence & performance in bed


Sex Time Medicine

Premature Ejaculation is a condition in which male ejaculates sudden after entering his penis inside vagina or some time before entering into vagina. There are many factors behind this problem some are phycological & few are physical. But you don't need to worry as after a much modification in formula based on customer reviews & satisfaction we came to a final version of a pills that is proven eliminate all the causes of a premature escalation resulting in a longer sex timing & hard erection. V3Pills is designed to increase sex timing & stamina by giving all necessary nutrition to the body that increases sex hormone & testosterones level. After taking the course of V3Pills one is able to have sex intercourse for a much longer time & many time in a single night. Ashwagandha, Kaunch, Akarkara and Safed Musli are used in preparation of V3Pills along with other 20+ herbs to give maximum & long lasting permanent result in premature ejaculation & to increase sexual stamina and time. 

  • Enhances sexual strength and sex stamina

  • Helps in good metabolism

  • Promotes overall well-being and general health

  • V3Pills is made with a highly active natural herbs

  • Increase Vim Vigour and Vitality

  • Boost arousal

  • Enhances sexual function and feeling, affect overall sexual health.

  • It acts on the higher sex centers to improve libido. 


Anti Aging & Performance

Memory Booster

Weight loss, Weight Gain

Piles & Hemorrhoids

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