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VTight Cream is a Vagina tightening cream that contains a unique blend of 100% natural herbal extracts from pure and natural ingredients that help in moisturising, tightening and revitalising your vagina.



·        Tightens and revitalizes the vagina.

·        Give strength to vaginaal walls.

·        Improves lubrication and reduces dryness.

·        Restores vaginal elasticity.

·        Prevents from vaginal bacteria and infection.



Type Cream

Quantity 50g



Vaginal Tightening Cream is very easy to use. Just take small amount of cream on your finger & apply on the walls of vagina with fingers gently.  Leave it for 30 minutes & it's done.


VTight Cream is a modern day Vaginal Tightening Cream which is a 100% natural and Ayurvedic herbal vaginal product for todays women. Vaginal tightening is made of all naaturaal herb that is helpful in firming and tightening the vagina, restoring vaginal lubrication, elasticity toning vaginal muscles, vaginal dryness, stops vaginal swelling and unpleasant odour, contracts and reshape the vaginal walls to intensify intimate pleasure.

Vagina Tightening Cream

SKU: VT4518
    • Anyone with any type of skin can use this cream
    • Made with 100% natural ingredients
    • Instant result 
    • Offers lubrication and helps increase desire, arousal and sexual pleasure
    • Make your sex more pleasureable
    • Makes 
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